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    • Gemological Identification (Thorough understanding of equipment necessary for proper separation of gems and minerals, as well as knowledge to recognize possible treatment and gemstone enhancement.)  
    • Professional Replacement Valuation Reports for Jewelers and Insurance Agents (Our number one function which allows the prospective client to present their insurance carrier with superior documentation for their fabulous family jewels.
    • Photomicroscopy and Gem Plotting (This allows the insuring company physical evidence with a thumbprint (mapping) unique to every Diamond. In regards to Colored Stones it supports Clarity Grading and quality.
    • Attorney Assistance with Determining Inheritance, Estate, Divorce

    These reports are independently and impartially prepared. Our goal is to set forth an opinion of defined replacement cost of adequately described articles as of a specific date and condition of property. All measurements and quality analysis are documented the day of the appointment in most cases. Unless a client requests a stone be removed, the appraisal is performed with the gemstones in the setting. The report value is further supported with a narrative description and analysis of relevant market information.


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