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    Gemological equipment used for Gemological Identification, Professional Replacement Valuation Reports, and Photomicroscopy and Gem Plotting. 

    • Bausch & Lomb Zoom Microscope with Dark-Field Illumination & Fiber Optic Light 
    • (Includes Inter-Ocular Millimeter Gauge and Verilux Daylight Overhead Light Source) 
    • l0X Corrected eye loupe 
    • Grobet USA 1000gram Limit Scale
    • Dendritic 50.50 Digital Gemscale 
    • Tanita Model 1477 Gram/Pennyweight Digital Scale 
    • Hamilton Pennyweight Scale Model 35-P 
    • Tri-Electronics Diamond Beam 1 Tester 
    • Gemoro Master Comparison Registered CZ Color Grading 
    • Leveridge Gauge mm Analog Estimator with high attachment 
    • Electronic Digital mm Caliper 
    • Toshiba CMOS Digital Camera 
    • Olympus D-320L Digital Camera 
    • GIA Calcite Dichroscope 
    • GIA Diffraction Grating Prism Spectroscope 
    • GIA Illuminator Polariscope 
    • GIA Duplex Refractometer 
    • GIA Chelsea Filter 
    • GIA Illuminated Immersion Cell 
    • GIA mm Table/Crown/Pavilion/Girdle Gauge for Proportion Analysis 
    • GIA Complete Gemset (Hue and Tone) 
    • GIA 3/set Heavy Liquids (Specific Gravity) 
    • GIA Ultra-Violet Long Wave-Short Wave Lamp 
    • GIA Utility Lamp with 3Type Illumination 
    • GIA A + B Property Charts 
    • Kessler Acid Gold Test Kit 
    • Software/Gemology Tools, Toshiba Photo Suite, Dendritics Precious Metal Monitor 
    • Trade Journals, The Guide, Gem Market Subscriptions, and/or On-line Price Guides